Updating bsd powered by vbulletin

10-Dec-2017 18:47

And Free BSD now has a simple binary update mechanism to do the same thing.

Applications are a different story: With the exception of PC-BSD and its PBIs, you pretty much have to either give up the Linuxian notion of continual binary application updates.

I now know a lot more about things like CUPS, and how Thunderbird, Firefox, GNOME and Xfce work solely because everything isn't done for you like it is in distros such as Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu. It's not as easy or quick to get a desktop together, nor to maintain its applications in Free BSD or Open BSD.

I'm willing to deal with the fact that the 2.6 Linux kernel runs really heavy.) If you want to do your first steps with BSD, I would suggest you to have a look on PC-BSD (it's based on Free BSD with a graphical installer and a graphical package managment; short: the Ubuntu of BSD ) Regards Don't forget to give opensolaris a spin.

Should I try Open BSD / Free BSD (I know they are dying...